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BOSCO'S stores are open! We have an occupancy restriction that is not much of a burden. We are wearing masks to protect you and you are required to wear them to protect us. We have an extensive protocol to clean and sanitize and more. If you want an extra layer of safety, we are also doing curbside pickup. Call or email .Let's beat this virus!

I have a great idea! How about you get for you and all of your friends some BOSCO'S Gift Certificates!

The gift certificates are available in various amounts. If we don't show your amount, order multiples of a smaller amount. Pay with Paypal or your debit card or credit card. We'll send you a certificate or we can put it on account at the store. Let us know your preference.

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If you are mostly a new comic reader, we can set up a ‘pull box’ for you where we set aside your comics the day they are released. We'll keep an eye on your list for you. email

Browse some of the new stuff we'll be getting and give is a call. 274-4112

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Call (907) 274-4112 or email BOSCO'S at
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We are open! Your friends at BOSCO'S are taking special care to keep everyone healthy, so we've made a some changes to the way we operate.