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Get this Limited Edition BOSCO'S Archie Variant Comic!

What do you get when you combine Archie Comics, BOSCO’S, Alaska and famous Archie artist Dan Parent? Why, an exclusive Betty & Veronica comic cover you can only get at BOSCO’S!

Betty & Veronica Friends Forever Game On #1 features an all-new story starring Amber Nightstone. Recently created by Dan Parent, Amber is Sabrina Spellman’s arch-nemesis.

This BOSCO’S exclusive cover was released at the Spenard BOSCO’S on Saturday, May 13th, 2023. Only 250 were printed and we want you to have one! This is a great Archie and Alaska keepsake for just $20!

We are putting a limited number on sale through this website with Option1: $20 each if you pickup in the store or Option 2: $29 each if you want it mailed to you.

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