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Sports Cards



We host a sportscard trade on the first Wednesday of every month. TRADE NIGHT VALUE climbs every day! Watch our Twitter updates on the top left of this page to see where it is now. Bring your extra and unwanted cards to trade with other collectors. In conjunction with that, we are running a super promotion. We will give away a prize containing one pack of virtually every sportscard product that comes out between now and then.

To participate, all you have to do is buy sportscard packs and you ought to be doing that anyway. For every $5.00 spent on sports cards singles, packs, boxes and sets, we will give you one ticket. The more you spend, the more tickets you get. Then on trade night, we will draw ONE ticket and give you a few minutes to search through your tickets. If someone produces the matching ticket, they get all the packs accumulated. If nobody has the matching ticket, the packs will carry over to the next trade night and we will add the next month's packs to it. All tickets issued prior to the drawing will be thrown away.

Trade Night Drawing Rules

  1. Must be here to win.
  2. We will draw ONE ticket only.
  3. We will give everyone present FIVE minutes to look through their tickets.
  4. If the winning ticket is present, then we give away the incredible package to the lucky person.
  5. If nobody claims the prize package, we will carry over the packs to the next trade night while adding even more packs as they come out.
  6. All tickets issued prior to the drawing will be tossed out.