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After 30 years 'across from the windmill,' we moved 3 blocks north to 2301 Spenard Road 'across from the bakery.'

The Grand Opening was Valentine's Day February 14th.

If you missed the Grand Opening, here are some stories and a great video that show you what you missed!

This page chronicles the redevelopment of an abandoned carwash into a friendly neighborhood card, game and comic shop.







The BOSCO'S of the Future is at 2301 Spenard Rd. That's just a few steps north of our long time location at 2606 Spenard Road. Just 7 steps for Godzilla. Probably more than twice that many for you!







The final project will look something like this but different. It's a very unusual building and layout. Seems appropriate for BOSCO'S. Why be normal?



Here's a pretty good idea of what the exterior will look like.



We are getting close! Here are pictures from January 10th. Just over a month until the grand opening! Do you want to immortalized as the first person to charge through those doors? That is the big prize for our 'Be The Barbarian' contest!






Pictures from January 18 follow. We are getting really close. There are lots of details to attend to.










Pictures from January 10 follow. This will be the events room.











































The interior is coming along. On 12/13/14 the sheetrock crew was hard at it.
























It sounds easy to pick a few colors. Typically, comic shops go with creative shades of white. We are not going that route. We are drawing on the rich history of comics for inspiration. And a few cards. And games. There are lots of choices. Millions, actually, when you think of tints, shades, saturation, hues. It's a wild spin on the color wheel. And don't even get us started on replicating those amazing lenticular covers DC is putting out! This is harder than we thought!












Here's how things are looking on November 15, 2014. Those windows sure make a difference.

How cool will it be for the first shopper to walk through those doors? It could be you! We are having a contest to see who will be first!











Here's progress as of 11/10/2014. It's all starting to look real. This is the main entrance.
Who will be the first customer to walk through those doors? Might be you!

It's crazy that we have no snow and above freezing weather. A stroke of luck for this project.



That entry to the right leads to the events room. The room is about 1,200 square feet. The wall between it and the game retail area has a couple overhead doors we can toss open to expand the open area and to connect it all to where you can get games.



This is looking through the entry to the sports card area. The big opening is the entry to the events room. This was taken 10/23/14. Still a little breezy but soon it will be the best sports card store in the state. Looks like we'll need a mop.




This was taken 10/23/14. This is the view from the main 'carwash area' looking into where we'll have the games displayed and the collectable card game counter and the events room. Some of the walls will be sheetrocked. All the interior existing walls will be left the concrete block. We'll cover part of all the walls with slotwall.




Here's a big view taken 10/23/14. We had to build a parapet along all the perimeter to support the roof insulation. The parapet will also hide the heating units on top of the building. And if the time comes, we can squat down behind it while we pick off the zombies. We might never have to do that, but just in case.




This was taken 10/18/14. We have been lucky with the weather. There is not much protection from snow before the roof is on.


This is from 9/12/14. Anything that can be torn out was torn out. The foundation for the addition is that white line you see on the ground. The big back hoe is tearing things up to change the terrain so the water and melting snow goes away from the building and to the drainage swale and manhole. You will notice the parking lot is not flat. That's for good drainage. We don't want our customers having to slosh through any puddles.



This is 8/7/14. You can see the foundation for the new addition. This corner will be the events room.

The city requires a certain level of landscaping. We thought we'd doing something remeniscent of Tatooine. Who wouldn't dig that? I guess the folks down at the city don't. They require something more lush. We'll go for the Dagobah look. Watch for that next summer.




This is from 8/7/14. This addition will be the new events room. Now you know what will be lurking under your feet when you're casting spells or mowing down Eldar.




This was taken 7/31/14. There were a few months when it didn't look like anything was happening when people passed by. We were actually busy breaking things. This trench has all new plumbing for the existing bathroom and the two new ones we will put in. You can also see electical conduit for floor outlets. There will be a ton of outlets all over but there are never enough.




This was taken 7/31/14. That hole cut into the wall to the left will connect the sports room with the main area. The area closest will be the new events room. That big white snake looking thing in the foreground is the biggest earthwyrm I've ever seen. That sucker is huge with fangs like this: ' ' !



This is from 7/22/14. That long stretch of concrete is where we hide the bodies. We will also use it to support the new wall for the addition. Remember this picture when you walk into the new store for the first time.



It is interesting that a common question is 'will you have more parking.' The answer is 'No.' There is never enough parking because the only real parking is the four spots closest to the door and all others are considered the endless long walk. There will be plenty of parking if you don't mind a 60' walk.





This picture was taken 12/7/2012. A long time ago. This is where we will have a couple bathrooms and a small storage area. At the time this picture was taken, we had no idea what we were going to do with the place.






Here's where we started in June 2014 (The Batman logo is courtesy of The Light Brigade.)


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