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Shop at BOSCO'S everyday!

You'll find none of those fancy "shopping cart" programs with automatic suggestive selling and instant instock verification on this website. This is the ultimate in "secure" sites! We can't even figure out how to take your order!

If you want to point and click for the goods from BOSCO'S, check us out on eBay and amazon. We also sell some back issues on Atomic Avenue.

We hope you will get your digital comics through our website. That returns a little of the sales price to BOSCO'S so we can maintain a high level of brick-and-mortar service in a digital world.

Easy on line shopping!Bid high! Bid often! We sell back issues here! When you buy your digital comics through BOSCO'S site, you pay the same and we get a small payment.  Help support local stores in a digital age!

Call 907-274-4112, we'll be glad to help you! Or email

We have lots of goodies!

We are a full service comic shop. We carry all the major publishers and virtually everything else, too. You want Hulk, we've got Hulk. You want Astro City, we've got Astro City. Fables? We've got it. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac? We wouldn't dare not to carry stacks of every issue! Rachel Rising? What sensitive comic shop would be without that? This happy shopper has been standing in that same spot for 20 years. Comics have matured, just like him. (Well, actually, comics got a big jump on this guy!)


Our sports card selection is huge. We are one of the few card shops left that is still brazen enough to buy at least a little of everything. Come rip open a pack or two with us!


We carry every loads of Manga and Anime. And for every book on our shelves, there must be a dozen other items related to Anime: posters, models, toys, games, calendars ... you get the picture!

We carry swords. And helmets. And maces and axes and flails! You're into fantasy. Nothing makes highlights the decor better than a few steel blades on the wall.

We have a huge selection of Collectible Card Games. Plenty of Magic: The Gathering of course. We've also got Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon and we try all the new versions of CCGs that come available.


And how about roleplaying and sophisticated board games? Sure we carry everything from Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Mayfair Games, Steve Jackson Games and more obscure publishers. We've got Cheap Ass Games. We have Settlers of Catan. Clue. Axis and Allies. We are up to our D6's in D20 games! And, yes, we have Cards Against Humanity.





Let's not forget video games. We buy sell and trade new and vintage games and systems.






All those products are great, but we like to jazz it up so we fill in the cracks with all kinds of statues, toys, blacklights, t-shirts, stickers ... I'd keep going on but the list is so long, it would be faster for you just to come in!




So what do you want? Send us an email and we'll grab whatever you want off the shelf.


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