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BOSCO'S is a kaleidoscope of pop culture spinning around a great comics, cards & game store.

We carry new comics, sports and entertainment trading cards, collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon. Our games are role playing games and sophisticated board games. We buy sell and trade used video games and systems. Filling the cracks between those lines are t-shirts, toys, swords and weird novelties.

We're not just comics ... BOSCO'S has it all!

Both stores say BOSCO'S above the door, but they're not the same. While the most important comics, cards, games and anime are at all the stores, each store has a different ambiance.

For serious comic and card collectors, the Spenard store is your choice. This is a world class comic shop. The sports card department is a separate room bigger than most card shops.

The Dimond center is heavy into Pop Culture. If you're getting ready for the rave or maintaining that deadhead lifestyle, the Dimond Center is for you.

Truth is, the savy shopper hits both BOSCO'S!

2606 Spenard Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99502
Fax 907-274-4114

We're right across from the windmill at Chilkoot Charlies in the heart of lovely Spenard.

Take a peek at Google's Streetview show of BOSCO'S!








We're open Monday through Saturday noon to 8pm and Sunday from noon to 6pm.
We're open in Spenard every day except New Year's, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Call (907) 274-4112

Dimond Center Mall
800 East Dimond Blvd Suite 3-121
Anchorage, Alaska

When you're at the Dimond Center, we're at the Southeast corner in the tower near Round Table Pizza.


We're open Monday through Saturday 10am until 9pm and Sundays from noon 'til 6pm.

We're open everyday except Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are open on New Years! Some other holidays the mall closes at 6pm, but we'll usually stick around if we're busy so ya'll come see us!

Eagle River

We closed this one down in March 2004!!

Here you see Jack, Marc, Adam, Moe and Jeremy a few minutes before cracking the doors open on our last day's "$1 Day" sale. Over 100 shoppers were waiting before we opened!

With regularly priced inventory sold at $1 each, you get some motivated shopping.

Remember, when BOSCO'S has a sale, get there early! We don't mess around!


The last one out, please turn off the lights ...




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