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Manga Art Contest Entries are posted! Vote for Peoples Choice! Awards are April 20, 2014




Time to shop folks!

When you buy your digital comics through BOSCO'S site, you pay the same and we get a small payment.  Help support local stores in a digital age!


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24 Hour Comics Day is a worldwide celebration of comic story telling where comic creators produce a 24-page comic book written, drawn, and completed in 24 consecutive hours.

Take a look at our previous 24 Hour Comics Day events.

"Gaming for the Community" event on raised 672 lbs of food for the Food Bank!

The boys are busy battling at the Warmachine Steamroller Tournament on.







Wednesday is new comic day! Click here to find out what's on the way!











We have a special room for events! This is a comfortable place to play games or meet other collectors. We have tables of terrain for miniatures games, plenty of chairs and tables for card tournaments, lockers to protect your stuff. If you have a game you want to run, let us know!

Store locations and telephone numbers are here. Hours we're open are here.


Sports Card Trade Night & "Pack of Everything" Drawing
First Wednesday of every month!

Vegas Giveaways ! April 3 - August 9

For all sportscard related events, click here.


Presale - Starting soon!
Prerelease April 26 & 27
Launch Weekend Friday May 2 & 4
Game Days May 24 & 25

Magic: Theros Block Path of the Hero
Through the end of the block in June 2014.



Players meet at Spenard on Wednesdays and Saturdays when no large event is scheduled.

40k and Fantasy Tournament at Battle Brothers Aug 30-31.

Family Circus Comic 10-31-12


Literal and Visual Story Telling Panel discussion April 1

Manga Art Contest Entries Due April 11, Awards Ceremony April 20 (That is also Easter Sunday so plan your day!)

Draw Workshop April 19 and 26

Nerd Art Show at the Library Bring your art May 1-4.

Free Comic Book Day May 3

Creative Alliance Media - Alaska grown comics coming at ya!

Sows Ear Comics - Another AK grown comic series!

Longsword Classes Friday nights thru May

Evangelion 3.0 at Bear Tooth CANCELLED

Kids Day April 19

May the Fourth be with you! Free limited edition patch!
Sunday May 4

Bike to School Day Wedneday May 7

Reading Rendezvous May 17

3 Barons Renaissance Fair June 7&8 and 14&15

Highland Games June 28

Senshi- Con 2014 September 27 & 28

Scroll down for a list of our regularly scheduled events.

What kind of game store doesn't sell basic Monopoly? A game store like BOSCO'S!

Click the picture of Catan to get to a story from Wired that explains the difference between the board games BOSCO'S sells and the mass market games we've all been accustomed to.

You'll never buy Park Place again.

Be a lucky card collector!

Danny won at Trade Night!




If you are a sports card collector, you deserve to be on Pat Moe's sports card email list. He sends info on special sales and drawings via email.

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Jeter pulled the Mox Pearl from the Mox-In-The-Box


Regular events
happening every week

















What's this? Did BOSCO'S go postal? Click that pic for more info.



































Dennis shows how to apply a nice layer of original Bosco chocolate syrup to ice cream. "GOOD!" say youngsters!











$3 for a MOX?!
That's what Raymond paid
for his 3 pulls to get the
Mox-in-the-Box out of the box.



Want to run an event on Mondays? email Store manager Eric Helmick at erich "at"


Yu Gi Oh Tourneys!
Learn How to Play!

Where: BOSCO'S in Spenard
When: Tuesday 4:30-8pm
Cost: $6-7 to play a tournament. Casual play is free.

Let's Duel! Bring those Yu Gi Oh cards to Spenard for tournaments and demos!

Cost is usually $6 - $7 and offers great prizes with exclusive cards. We may have an occasional "draft" or sealed deck tournament with a higher charge to cover the cost of the cards you play with.

Magic: The Gathering Commander League
Where: BOSCO'S in Spenard
When: Tuesdays are the official days.. You can play other days when space is available in the events room. You can play until 11pm!
Cost: Kickoff in March is free, after that $10/month.

Prize pool is $10/player with 40% to player with the highest points for the month, 20% to 2d, 10$ to 3d and 5% to the players who accumulate the most of each Achievement. Prizes are BOSCO'S Gift Certificates good for anything we sell!


A regular group comes to play Warhammer 40k on Wednesday afternoons.

Sports card Trade nights the first Wednesday of the month.

Want to run an event? email Store manager Eric Helmick at
events "at"

Dungeons & Dragons 'Next' Encounters
Spenard from 6:00 -8:00 pm.

D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn Renown Points that you can use to get exclusive rewards. Each session only takes 1-2 hours to play, so it’s easy to fit your game in after school or work. And each week there’s a new and exciting challenge. Jump in anytime!
All you need is dice.

Bring some friends, plays some games. Want to run an event? email Store manager Eric Helmick at
events "at"


Friday Night Magic
At BOSCO'S Spenard.
Sign up starts at 5:30. Play 6:30 - 11pm. Costs $7

Typically tournaments are Standard
except for some Fridays.

Cost varies depending on what we are playing and the prize package.

Friday Night Magic

As usual for FNM, including the fabulous foil cards.

New Friends - Are you looking for a way to play Magic while meeting new friends and winning cool foil prize cards? Then Friday Night Magic is exactly what you're looking for! FNM is designed to bring casual players together on Friday nights to play for fun and foil prize cards. FNM is designed to be a less-competitive event. Try it out and discover why Friday night is the best night of the week!"

Premium Card Prizes - Each month a different FOIL card will be given out. You don't have to play the tournament to get the foil card. The cards feature the FNM logo in the text box and many have original flavor text and updated wordings.

You are welcome to come to play without joining the tournament.


Saturday Afternoon
Magic Casual Play and Tourneys

Where: BOSCO'S in Spenard

When: Saturdays noon - close

Cost: Free. We may run a tournament that costs a few $'s if you choose to participate.

When: Saturdays 12:30 pm - done

Warhammer 40k
Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
When: Saturdays 12-6pm
Cost: Free
We have open tables and lots of terrain ready for you to play. (Except for occasions when we schedule another event that day. Check the rest of the schedule!)


Sunday Booster Draft
Where: BOSCO'S Spenard
When: Sundays 12:00 noon when we open, event starts as soon as it can.
We don't have these on any day when we are having another Magic tournament or other large event.
Cost: $15.

Draft requires 8 or more players! If 8 people show up, we do these. Usually we get at least 8. Bring your friends just in case.

Open gaming at theDimond Center
7:30pm to midnight
Free in general. There might be a charge for tournaments.

Good news! BOSCO'S Dimond Center has gotten the new space whipped into shape, and now we are doing open gaming again on Sundays. Come on down and make Alonzo play new and fun games. Bring your card game decks, board games, or join us in some Zombie Dice. We also have some Magic tournaments scheduled. Theros prerelease, FNM and Theros Game Day. More to come.










Time to shop folks!


Yu-Gi-Oh Tuesdays at Spenard! What a great way to get out and enjoy Alaska's great outdoors! (We usually play indoors. This was a special treat day!)

We buy used games!
Clear out those closets! Bring those games you haven't played for years to BOSCO'S in Spenard!

We sell sports cards!
The Spenard BOSCO'S has a huge selection of sports cards. In its own special room, it has a selection and pricing that matches the best sports card stores in the country.

We sell swords!







We bet it made Charles' day when he won this basketball signed by 30 NBA rookies from the '06-07 year. We're glad he buys his basketball cards at BOSCO'S.
It looks like he is too!






George Foster from the Big Red Machine at BOSCO'S on Spenard June 2007.






Check out this crowd waiting out front DAYS before we opened our new location in the Dimond Center! Yow! Take a number!

Joseph Hansen is the lucky guy who won the From the Vault: 20 at the Dimond Center BOSCO'S!













  In case you haven't figured it out yet, BOSCO'S is a full service and fully stocked Games Workshop retailer. We carry the minis, the army boxed sets, all the rule books, paints, terrain .... all you need including space to play!







Manga/Anime Art Contest
The art is posted and the winners announced! Take a look.


First Saturday in May!









Here's the BOSCO'S armory at the 3 Barons Faire.

Lots of things you can do with Magic cards. Henry Coleman brings it to bike polo at the Park Strip.



We will host a sportscard trade night the first Wednesday of every month. (Check our Sportscard Collectors page for updates.)

Mark won $540 worth of packs at the December 2011 Trade Night! Merry Christmas!!

Bring your extra and unwanted cards to trade with other collectors.

In conjuction with that, we are running a super promotion. We will give away a prize containing one pack of virtually every sportscard product that comes out between now and then.

To participate, all you have to do is buy sportscard packs and you ought to be doing that anyway. For every $5.00 spent on sports cards singles, packs, boxes and sets, we will give you one ticket. The more you spend, the more tickets you get. Then on trade night, we will draw ONE ticket and give you a few minutes to search through your tickets. If someone produces the matching ticket, they get all the packs accumulated. If nobody has the matching ticket, the packs will carry over to the next trade night and we will add the next month's packs to it. All tickets issued prior to the drawing will be thrown away.

Trade night drawing rules

1. Must be here to win
2. We will draw ONE ticket only.
3. We will give everyone present FIVE minutes to look through their tickets.
4. If the winning ticket is present, then we give away the incredible package to the lucky person.
5. If nobody claims the prize package, we will carry over the packs to the next trade night while adding even more packs as they come out.
6. All tickets issued prior to the drawing will be tossed out.


Click here for all sportscard related events.

Duels of the Planeswalkers®Promo Booster Pack Program
Where: Both BOSCO'S
When: July until we run out ...

All you players of the video game can come in for free promotional packs and learn how to play Magic: The Gathering® with real people living and breathing across from you!

Just come and redeem the promo code you got from the online game to get a special booster pack based on your gaming platform.

But wait! That's not all! In addition to the promo packs, we have demo guides, quick reference cards, and sample decks to make it easy for you to learn how to play. Many of the cards inside the sample decks are also used in Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers so you will figure out how to play the 'paper' version really fast!

HERO'S PATH Are you the hero we've been waiting for?
As part of the Theros block you can take an epic journey through a series of nine quests called The Hero's Path.This nine part side event starts at the prerelease, then continues a week later at the release day Friday Night Magic and then at the Game Days for all three sets in the block.

In each of the nine quests of the Hero's Path, you will receive a unique Hero Card. As you collect these, you grow in power and become increasingly prepared for the epic conflicts at the end of each arc.

All the details are here.

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters
Play Dungeons & Dragons '

Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
When: Thursdays 6 p.m. sharp to 8:15 p.m.

Cost: Free

Encounters is set up to make it easy for anyone to just show up and play. Beginner, seasoned gamer, all are welcome.

Supported by a season of D&D Encounters™ in-store play! Players will be able to experience this adventure at BOSCO'S through D&D Encounters. The fun kicks off with a Launch Weekend event and continues through the entire D&D Encounters season.

The launch weekend for Dead in Thay, the next season of D&D Encounters, is May 10-11, with the season to run on Wednesdays from May 14th to August 6th.

The adventure by Scott Fitzgerald Gray, part 2 of the Dreams of the Red Wizards Sundering storyline, is directly tied to the previous adventure, Scourge of the Sword Coast. It’s also loosely connected to Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle.

In this adventure, the Bloodgate must be destroyed in order to stop Szass Tam, the lich lord of Thay and his Red Wizards. Reporting results of the game will continue to impact the future of the Forgotten Realms. Dead in Thay will lead into The Tyranny of Dragons, a multi-platform event tied to the launch of the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons.



Sows Ear Comics!

Another AK Grown comic! Click the image for more info and poke around that site for how to submit your work for future issues. Get your copies at BOSCO'S!

Longsword Class Winter 2013-2014

Where: Winter session class will be taught indoors at The Anchorage Athletic Club 802 Gambell St.

When: Friday Nights 7:30PM- 9:30PM Through the end of May

Cost: $5.00 per class via a $50 punch card

Learn the use of the 2 handed longsword of the late 14th & 15th century as taught by the medieval German masters. Limited amount of lender gear is available for new students.

Instructors: David Teague & Matt Cacy


Literal and Visual Storytelling
Where: UAA Campus Bookstore
When: Tuesday April 1 from 5:00pm-7:00pm

The different ways we tell each other stories is an underlying theme for the discussion. Likely topics include Susan's art featuring alternative book forms; Sierra's work with the Quilt Project linking art and autobiography; Jack's writing plays and performance; Eric and John from BOSCO'S the role of text in graphic stories.

The writer as artist and performer can also be addressed since each panelist brings a unique dimension to the storytelling theme.

Panelists include:

Jack Dalton ( Raven Feathers & the Wind)
Eric from BOSCO'S (Graphic Stories)
Susan Share ( Art and Book Forms)
Sierra Mills (Quilt making)

All bookstore events are informal. To see other bookstore events go to

TableTop Game Day
Where: Both BOSCO'S
When: Saturday April 5th.
Cost: Free

This is just an excuse to highlight great games and the people who play them. It's an international event promoted by geek & sundry so what the heck, we'll add our name to the list. Though highlighting great games and the people who play them is standard procedure at BOSCO'S!


Serious Fun Educational Games Gathering

When Fri, April 11, 8am – 5pm
Where UAA Den and Student Union (map)

BOSCO'S will be at this, you should, too.

An Educational Games Gathering is a new annual event designed to bring together educators and students interested in games for education. Attendees will share ideas, discuss the latest issues and trends, and build networks to make better use of games in education. The University of Alaska is hosting the one-day conference. It is our hope that by building a community of talented and dedicated people, we can share our knowledge and create better educational games.

To register for this event, visit or call Jeanette 907-786-4451 for more information.

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Trial for Minneapolis
Modern Constructed

Where: BOSCO'S Spenard
When Saturday 04/19/14 Register @ 12:30 Play @ 1 pm
Cost: $15

Prize pool is two $4 'prize pack' coupons per player with one for everyone and the rest divided up for the top 8 players PLUS! $10 per player put towards modern staples! Winner will get a card worth up to 1/2 the value in the prize pool and we'll work our way down from there.

Deck lists are required.

Rules for GPT Minneapolis trials:

The winner receives a two round bye for Grand Prix Mineapolis, which is May 9th - May 11th:


Where: Denai'na Center downtown
When: Saturday April 19
Cost: Free!

This annual event has tons of fun stuff for kids under 10 and a special area for kids older. Destroy the Deathstar at BOSCO'S booth.

KidsDay is a day to celebrate our youth and families; a day to provide kids of all ages a day of laughter and fun! More than 80 youth-serving organizations gather at the Dena'ina Center to provide program information and fun activities for all to enjoy. Everything from face-painting to prize wheels, petting zoo, street fair, wild about reading program, and live stage performances.

There's something for everyone at KidsDay! KidsDay

Look for more information at: Facebook/anchoragespromise

Draw Workshop with Nic and Vee Sweet

Where: Loussac Library 4th Floor Innovation Lab
When: Saturdays April 19 and 26 at noon
Cost: Free

Bring your own supplies! (ex: paper, pencils, pastels, etc) Nic and Vanessa “Vee” Sweet are local husband and wife artists who run Sleeping Fox Studios. Both graduated from California Institute of the Arts for Animation and have since worked for such clients as Fandango, Mastercard, and General Hospital. “Art is a verb” is our motto-- So come join us the last 2 Saturdays of every month for a free figure drawing workshop! Come get your DRAW on!


Manga Art Contest Awards Ceremony
Where: BOSCO'S Spenard
When: Sunday April 20 from 1-5pm (That is also Easter Sunday so plan your day!)
Cost: Free

Come and see the entries, meet the artists and see who won.


Journey into Nyx™ is the epic conclusion of the Theros™ block and the final steps in the Hero’s Path entertainment experience.

Theros has become a battlefield. The gods have sent their forces against the mortals to punish the hubris of a few. But the mortals have risen up in defiance and the time has come when Magic™ players will be tested against a god. Good luck with that, folks!

Journey Into BOSCO'S to PREPAY and SAVE!

We are preselling boxes of boosters from our second shipment* of Journey Into Nyx for $95 per box limited to one per person.

The first 30 people at Spenard and 20 at DImond BOSCO'S to buy a box get a special limited edition foil card. (Online orders are not eligible, and distribution is one card per person, while supplies last.)

But that's not all! Prepay and get $5 credit towards Magic singles!

Offer good until April 25 or until we sell through our allocation for prepays.

*The second shipment should arrive 5-7 days after the release date. (We WILL have JIN on the release date but we have been getting small allocations that do not allow us to presell those.)

Six for Nyx
Journey Into Nyx Prerelease Tournaments!
April 26 & 27

Saturday April 26
Cost: $30
Spenard tournaments are limited to 48 seats so sign up early. We are taking sign ups now!

1) Saturday April 26 Sealed Deck Tournament Using Prerelease Decks
Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
Register by 11:30pm Friday, play starts at midnight (12:01am)
Cost: $30

2) Saturday April 26 Sealed Deck Tournament Using Prerelease Decks
Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
Sign up by 11:30pm play at noon
Cost: $30

3) Saturday April 26th Two Headed Giant Sealed
Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
Sign up at 3:30 p.m., play @ 4 p.m.
Cost: $30

Sunday April 27

4) Sunday April 27
Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
Sealed Deck Tournament Using Prerelease Decks
Sign up by 12:30pm play at 1pm
Cost: $30

5) Sunday April 27th Two Headed Giant Sealed
Where: Spenard BOSCO'S
Sign up at 3:30 p.m., play @ 4 p.m.
Cost: $30

6) Sunday April 27
Where: Dimond Center BOSCO'S
Sealed Deck Tournament Using Prerelease Decks
Sign up by 6:30 pm play at 7pm
Cost: $30

The Prerelease is Quest 7 on the Hero’s Path and the first chance for you to crack open booster packs and enjoy playing with the new cards in Journey into Nyx. At the Prerelease, you will forge a powerful weapon to help you when you face the final Hero’s Path challenge at Game Day.

At the Prerelease, you get a Prerelease Pack for your chosen path that has everything you need to build a sealed deck. You also get a foil promo card to use in your deck. The Prerelease Pack also has the Hero Card that you can use in your battle against a god at Game Day

Journey Into Nyx Launch Weekend May 2-4

Where: BOSCO'S Spenard
Details coming soon!

Launch Weekend is Quest 8 on the Hero’s Path! Play and get exclusive foil promo card prizes and earn an additional Hero Card.

Journey Into Nyx Game Days

Where: BOSCO'S Spenard
When: Two tournaments this weekend
Saturday 05/24/14 Standard $7 1 p.m.
Sunday 05/25/14 Standard $7 1 p.m.


Where: BOSCO'S Dimond Center
When: Sunday 05/25/14 at 7pm
Cost: Standard $7


Where: BOSCO'S Spenard and Dimond Center and Anchorage Public Libraries!
When: Saturday May 3! Hours vary.
Cost: FREE!

Wear a bonafide awesome costume and get 8 free comics! The rest of ya get 4 free comics! These are from the special Free Comic Book Day issues. Not lame reprints, these are great comics, some of which kick off story lines that will continue in the main comic. Great intros to favorite characters and new characters. This is a great chance to try something new at a price anyone can afford ... FREE!

This year we will continue to provide comics for the libraries to give out and new for this year the JBER library.

Where: BOSCO'S Spenard and Dimond Center
When: Sunday May 4
Cost: Buy something Star Wars related and get a free limited edition BOSCO'S "May the fourth be with you" patch! Only 300 were made.

Nerd Art Show at the Lousacc Library
Where: Loussac Library 4th Floor
When: Bring your framed/ready to hang art May 1-4, Event is May 4 at 1pm
Cost: Free!

The Loussac Library presents the Nerd Art, Group Show. in celebration of May the 4th be with you, The Loussac is inviting any and all local artists to display artwork.

Open to all forms of "NERD" art: Comics, Manga, Tv Shows, Movies, Books, Games, Video Games, Animation, Anime, Toys, & Cartoons.

They will be displayed on the 4th floor of the Loussac Library for the Month of May.

Artists should bring artwork framed and ready to hang. Limited to 4 pieces per artist. Artwork can be dropped off May 1,2,3 or 4th.

The Library is inviting participants to come and hang their artwork on May 4th. It is a potluck.... bring food/drink to share. First come gets first shot at choosing where to hang their art.

All are Welcome. All ages. Any Medium. (This is expanding on the May the 4th be with you Star Wars themed show. Opening your ideas to any sci-fi/fantasy themed artwork you would like to create)


Where: All over Anchorage
When: Wednesday May 7
Cost: Free! Not just free, but saves all that gas you're burning when you get chauffeured to school and keeps all that funk out of the air. And you'll feel better when you get to school because travelling around in a big metal box suffocates the soul but moving and breathing hard sets you free.

AND ... wear your "I biked to school today' sticker and get 10% off at BOSCO'S on May 7 and 8! (Some restrictions apply, but not many.)

Where: Loussac Library Lawn (near the fountain)
When: Saturday, May 17th, from Noon-4:00pm

Comics readers are generally big readers of all things. This event focusses on getting kids to read but it has loads of booths for groups that aren't specifically about reading. Most booths have some kind of game or activity. Sort of like a small Kids Day. BOSCO'S will be there with the zombies eat brains game and comics and more ...

Sponsored by the Anchorage Public Libraries and the Alaska Center for the Book.

Magic: The Gathering Conspiracy
Release Date Friday June 6

This is a multiplayer-focused booster set. The 210 card set will include new mechanics to enhance multiplayer play. It will include 65 new cards, 52 of which will be legal in Legacy and Vintage, while 13 cards will not. The rest of the cards are returning favorites, with a focus on fostering an environment of deception and treachery.

The set is designed to be drafted with six to eight players, who then break into groups of players for melee style multiplayer games.

Free RPG Day 2014
Where: Both BOSCO'S
When: June 21

More details soon.

33rd Annual Alaska Scottish Highland Games

Where: Alaska State Fairgrounds, Palmer, Alaska
Cost: TBA
When: Saturday June 28, noon to 6pm plus a wild party 'Cieldigh' until about 9:30pm.

Celebration of all things Scottish. Music, dancing, eating, log throwing, kilt wearing etc ...

Battle Brothers Gaming Event
Where: Lumen Christi School
When: August 30 &31
Cost: TBA

This revives an annual 'Waugh Day' event. It includes many games with an emphasis on strategic battle games including Warmachine, Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and Flames of War. BOSCO'S will be there running more than one card game tournament.

Details are unfolding.

For more information, contact event organizer
Tom Hoellering thoellering [at]

Senshi-Con 2014
Where: Egan Center
When: Saturday Sept 27 and Sunday Sept 28
Cost: TBA

Get all the info here:






In May of 1984 a comic loving hippie from Fairbanks rolled down the highway in a beat up Dodge van filled with comics!

He found a parking spot in Spenard and staked his claim!

BOSCO'S was born!



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BOSCO'S is working with the Major League Baseball Players Asssociation to help Scouts get merit badges and achievement awards. Click here for more info.




We'll teach your group how to play the games we sell! Here's a group from the local Boys & Girls Club visiting to play a Magic: The Gathering Booster Draft Tourney. Most of these kids were beginners, and things went great! If you have a group that would like some lessons in games we sell, give us a call!







2606 Spenard Road
Dimond Center Mall
800 East Dimond Blvd.

For Orders:

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