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Lois Drive?

Shouldn't that be Lois Lane?

Help BOSCO'S change the name of Spenard's Lois Drive to Lois Lane.





July 16, 2001
A representative from the Anchorage Fire Department said that if it's okay with Clark Kent, it's okay with them!


Superman & Lois Lane!
They have been part of American culture for sixty years! The feisty Lois Lane has been a role model for millions of strong and independent women! Anchorage has an opportunity to pay tribute to this heroine by simply changing a poorly named street in Spenard from "Lois Dr." to "Lois Lane"

This Spenard roadway was clearly named by an uncultured person. As the comic reading elite, it falls on us to right his wrong.

The pictures at the left introduce you to Spenard's "Lois Drive." It's a nice residential area, reminiscent of Smallville in a way. Obviously more of a "lane" than a "drive."

Contact Anchorage's Mayor Wuerch and request that he make this change!
Call 343-4431, fax 343-4499, or e-mail to

Do it for Truth, Justice and the American way!

You know Superman and Lois Lane
will thank ya!

NBC Sees the Light!

We are pleased that Anchorage's Channel 2 News covered this important issue on its evening news shows on July 16, 2001.

Bret Clark, Chairman of BOSCO'S Committee for Pop Culture was interviewed. He made a clear case for making the name change.

All we have to do now is get 51% of the people living on Lois Drive to agree to this sensible change!

To see a clip from the news program, click here!




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