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Here's a collection of important events we've had. It's far from everything particularly since we started this page in July of 2006.


WALKING DEAD #100 Midnight Release
Where: Dimond Center BOSCO'S
When: one minute after midnight July 10, 2012. (That would be Wednesday morning.)

Shala Kerrigan won the limited edition poster of the wrap around cover signed by Kirkman and Adlard!


Here are a few pics to give you the flavor of the event. You really had to be there!

Always good to get some attention from the media. On Friday, Channels 11 and 13 interviewed Eric about the event.






These folks were a little early. We snuck them in the back door. Shh... don't tell!

The crowd was big for hours ...

Lots of great costumes this year! Anyone know that pencil trick?


Now THAT is a silly face!


A contingent from the 501st kept order.


Roll the dice for a discount and prizes!


Michael Howard and Heather Stewart, The Winchester Collective, played a variety of indie rock songs in the afternoon. In the evening , Marian Call and Seth Boyer entertained.


2012 ACLU Gala event

You don't often see the BOSCO'S gang in suits. Rest assured that under those fancy threads were Green Lantern and Superman shirts. It's not like we'd go out on the town totally unconnected to our roots!

Why were we there? The ACLU was a key part in the success of the Booksellers vs. Dan Sullivan (State of Alaska Attorney General) case. That fought part of a law passed a couple years ago that had a section that would have made it a felony to sell to a kid anything that someone thought might be bad for the kid to read. We are very careful about what we sell to kids but this seemed very broadly written to us and fortunately, to the ACLU. Also turns out there is a Constitutional protection to prevent that kind of infringement of the press. That's sure a good thing. BOSCO'S was one of the plaintiffs in the case. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was also involved.

Buying a table for this event was our way of thanking the ACLU. If you read comics, you should thank them, too. Here's how.

That's Margot and Scott, Brittany and Marc and John.

BOSCO'S is on the cover of
Amazing Spider-Man #666
released July 27, 2011!

Imagine a world with loads of spider-men! Issue 666 starts a story you'll enjoy.

Check out the results of our photo shoot .

Get your copy of BOSCO'S variant Amazing Spider-Man today at BOSCO'S or at

eBay store


amazon.com store

BOSCO'S Second Concert! Bottle Caps for Dollars at BOSCO'S in Spenard Saturday June 11, 2011. This was part of the outdoors scene at the Spenard Jazz Fest. Good fast paced surf music. Thanks guys!

BOSCO'S First Concert! MARIAN CALL at BOSCO'S in Spenard Friday March 11, 2011. Just off a nationwide tour and before her European tour, Marian made some time to entertain her fellow comic readers and gamers. Her sound is always soulful, honest, and clever, loved by all types computer geeks, church ladies, teenage thugs, NPR listeners, and urban hipsters worldwide.

Okay, some call us geeks and we've learned that's not a bad thing but maybe we don't advertise it. Marian is the siren of all geeks. She speaks the language and lives the life. After this concert you will hum the songs and raise your fist in the air as it clutches (with care, of course) your favorite comic or Player's Manual or whatever it is that sets you apart from (and above) the mainstream!

Take a look at these videos , you'll be convinced.

(Photo by Brian Adams.)












































































David Peterson and his wife, creator of Mouse Guard visited us at BOSCO'S in Spenard on Thursday March 4, 2010.

David spoke at the Alaska Library Association conference in Anchorage and even went to Fairbanks to talk to a school group. They are a nice couple and very friendly with fans.

Mouse Guard and the Mouse Guard Roleplaying game are among our most recommended books to new comic readers young and old. Good stuff. Add it to your list!


24 Hour Comics Day
ended Sunday 10/4/09 with 4 creators going the whole time. Click that logo for the story.

Be sure to get on our comics email list so you know about this every year.



Here are some friends of BOSCO'S welcoming Gwen to a "Make a Wish" shopping spree in the Dimond Center August 2008







On December 6, 2008, John Bosco got to fly to Kivalina to give out comics as part of the Air National Guard's Operation Santa Claus. They've been hauling goodies to the kids since 1956!

Here he's with the three most popular people on the planet: Santa and Sarah and Piper Palin!

Here are some links that describe the program better than I can:

KTUU Channel 2
Military Family Network
Fairbanks Daily News Miner

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D&D 4th Edition released
June 6, '08.
We had a special adventure the evening of June 5. Here you see Peter Newman leading the way.

Joshua Demain was the first person to buy D&D 4th Edition at the stroke of midnight at BOSCO'S in Spenard.

To jump to a list of announced D&D 4th releases, click here.


Comic artist Jim Mahfood visited us on August 27, 2008. He was in Anchorage for a mural painting event and lecture at UAA and took time out for BOSCO'S.

He's a nice guy and very creative in his art and ways to combine it with technology.

In this picture he's parked in the same spot in the Spenard BOSCO'S where Chris Claremont, Mike Grell and Steve Gerber signed comics years ago.



We have lots of gaming events at BOSCO'S but our November 3, 2007 Worldwide D&D Day stands out for its distinction as the week's "Hot Date" highlighted in the Anchorage Daily News. "... if you're just looking for a fun, free and fey event to spice up your relationship realm, an opportunity for some sexy scenarios awaits you on Worldwide Dungeon & Dragons Game Day. Take your warrior or Wizard by the hand and head to BOSCO'S ..."

Comic writer Greg Rucka visited BOSCO'S in Spenard September 29, 2007.

Rucka's credits include Batman, Adventures of Superman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Wolverine and X-Men Unlimited. His work has been highly regarded in an array of comics published by Marvel, DC, Oni Press, Top Cow, Dark Horse.

He also won the 2011 Eisner Award for Best Short Story "Post Mortem," by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, in I Am an Avenger #2 (Marvel).

Here he's thanking BOSCO'S comic order guy Jared for ordering so many of his comics!

U.S. Post Office Marvel Stamps First Day of Sale event! On July 26, 2007 we had special BOSCO'S "cachet" envelopes, tons of the stamps and a Post Office official present to hand cancel them to create a real collectible!

That picture is some happy stamp collectors along with John Bosco and long time BOSCO'S customer and post office executive, Mike Hovanec. This fun and unique event was Mike's idea and he really spend a lot of time with us planning it and cancelling stamps.

We had quite a crowd for 2007's Free Comic Book Day! For more info on the friendly shoppers pictured above, click the pic.



Comic Artist Jim Vining visited us July 21, 2007. Check out his graphic novel from Oni Press, "First in Space." It's based on the true story of Ham, the chimp NASA trained for early pre-manned spaceflight and was a 2006 Xeric winner. Take a look at www.firstinspacecomic.com . Jim lived in Anchorage for a few years and in the early '00's.


Scott McCloud visited BOSCO'S June 17 and 18 2006. He gave a "Making Comics Workshop" and along with his charming daughter Winter gave a lecture on Sequential Art. Scott's books Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics will change the way you read comics. His visit to Anchorage and BOSCO'S was a real honor.






ROBOTECH Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
BOSCO'S sponsored one of just 12 big screen showings nationwide on January 27 and 28, 2007. We were honored to have story writer and editor Tom Bateman at the show.

Here you see Tom (right) with John Bosco at our table at the Bear's Tooth during the premier.

Shadow Chronicles recently won Best Animated Sci-Fi Feature at the 2006 International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival."

Here's an important figure in the world of baseball cards sitting with Cincinatti Reds great George Foster. The World Series Winning member of the Big Red Machine visited us June 19, 2006 and June 4, 2007.



Comic artist PAUL GUINAN visited BOSCO'S in the Dimond Center Saturday March 11, 2006 from 2-4pm.

Paul Guinan co-created the monthly series Chronos for DC Comics, and was lead background artist on the animated series Stripperella. With wife Anina Bennett, he created Heartbreakers in 1989, the first female action hero in comics (quickly followed by imitations such as Martha Washington and Laura Croft).

Paul has drawn more pages of Aliens comics for Dark Horse than any other artist. Other credits include, Terminator, Punisher, Grimjack, Justice League, Ghost, DHP, Barb Wire, Andrew Vachss' Hard Looks, and many entries in DCs The Big Book of... series.

More info at www.BigRedHair.com !

April 2005
Big Bash at the
Secret Stash!
Click that pic for pictures of this wild sale!

When BOSCO'S has a sale, you REALLY don't want to miss it!


January 2005
In Sunday January 23, 2005's Anchorage Daily News, graphic novels and BOSCO'S got nice coverage in an article by Cinthia Ritchie. She was assigned to write an article on graphic novels. Starting with the standard preconceptions about comics being for people who have trouble reading "real" books, she came around to an appreciation of the comic genre.

Here's an excerpt: "Walk into the Spenard BOSCO'S and enter comic book heaven. The store is dim and smells of leather and book dust. The comic book counter sprawls grandly across the middle of the room, the titles arranged in neat order. On the far wall lurk the graphic novels, shelves and shelves spilling out everything from 'Strangers in Paradise' to 'Darwin for Beginners.'"

September 2005
We hope you were among the thousands who met Bruce Campbell (Ash in Army of Darkness) Sept 2 at our neighbor The Bear Tooth Theatre Pub. He wrote the comic Man with the Screaming Brain and starred in the movie version that had its Anchorage Premier at the Bear Tooth!

The book signing was sponsored by the great but now defunct Cook Inlet Book Company.

After enjoying a sunny evening waiting in line for a couple hours, fans were treated to a brief visit and an autograph or two from the star! You see here the dwindling stack of his new book "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way"

In the main lobby, you could pick up Man with the Screaming Brain comics, hats and t-shirts and Army of Darkness comics and cards provided by BOSCO'S.

This is good clean L5R fun at a full service dry cleaner!! After BOSCO'S closed our Eagle River store, these gamers made space in Eagle River's Candy's Cleaner.



Superman & Lois Lane!
They have been part of American culture for sixty years! The feisty Lois Lane has been a role model for millions of strong and independent women! Anchorage has an opportunity to pay tribute to this heroine by simply changing a poorly named street in Spenard from "Lois Dr." to "Lois Lane"

This Spenard roadway was clearly named by an uncultured person. As the comic reading elite, it falls on us to right his wrong.

To learn more about our campaign to rename Lois Drive, click here!

We are pleased that Anchorage's Channel 2 News covered this important issue on its evening news shows on July 16, 2001. Bret Clark, former Chairman of BOSCO'S Committee for Pop Culture was interviewed. He made a clear case for making the name change. All we have to do now is get 51% of the people living on Lois Drive to agree to this sensible change!

To see a clip from the news program, click here!

Back in 1999, Anchorage was in crisis! The local cable station cancelled Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Pokemon! BOSCO'S rose to the occasion and fought to get these shows back on the air!.

It took over a year, but we were ultimately successful.

Learn more at our campaign headquarters.

Here's three time Superbowl Champion and Anchorage homeboy Mark Schlereth meeting fans at BOSCO'S on April 19, 1998.



Spiderman at BOSCO'S!

Spiderman came to BOSCO'S in April of 1994. He hung out at our Dimond Center store for a while. He also went to an elementary school to talk to the kids. Pretty great time with the webslinger.







BOSCO'S is very careful about what we sell, particularly to the young'uns. In the fall of 1991 a well intentioned but overly broad law was proposed for Anchorage. The way the law read, if even one person thought a book or comic was too racy, the police would have to confiscate it and it would he held until a judge could determine if it was obscene. Real bummer if someone found the X-Men were not dressed adequately for saving the universe. BOSCO'S helped defeat this proposal.











Chris Claremont came to BOSCO'S May 11, 1991. This was about the time he jumped from Marvel and the X-Men





What to learn more than we're telling you? Go to www.adn.com and search on "Bosco's" for a long list of articles and mentions of your favorite store!


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