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In honor of BOSCO'S 20th Anniversary, we opened our Secret Stash! Wow! It's like finding the Batcave or the Fortress of Solitude!

Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, 2005, we put on sale twenty years of cards, comics & games we had saved just for this HUGE SALE! Great deals all day! Prizes every hour! Free hot dogs! You can't beat that!

Most of the sale was sports cards. We also had comics, trading card games, roleplaying games, toys, candy and non sports cards on sale. Entire boxes of cards went for as low as $1 per box! Boxes that had sold originally for $150 were as low as $10! We are pretty sure half our customers will be millionaires after reselling this stuff on eBay!

Here are a few pics of the first day!

We spend 20 years and a long night getting things displayed with prices. This is not a pretty retail experience, but when the price is insanely low, no one seems to mind!



Here's basketball corner! Lots of boxes with Michael Jordan's shining face!





We had a big active crowd. The stack of empty boxes we prepared for both days was gone before the first was 1/2 way through!











Every hour on the half hour, we had a prize drawing. Everyone present got a ticket. Here we see the mother of a football loving family with a Tim Couch signed ball, a novice collector excited with a card set and a family of Brunell fans!










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