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Anime Art Contest 2014
Color - Ages 11-15

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate Isabelle Librecht C9
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate Savanah Gillis C5
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate Clarisse Mock C3
PEOPLE'S CHOICE Lilly Gonzalez C16
Honorable Mention Addie Coyle C4

C001 Xena Anderson

C002 Abby Spears

C003 Clarisse Mock

C004 Addie Coyle

C005 Savana Gillis

C006 Oxanna Hoffman

C007 Sierra Owens

C008 Rachel Pulse

C009 Isabelle Librecht

C010 Sebastien Librecht

C011 Moselle Alarcon-Norcelo

C012 Amelia Pillifant

C013 Camille Hickmann

C014 Rachael Lee

C015 Carly Flake

C016 Lilly Gonzalez

C017 Kaylawnee Tye

C018 Alice Livernent

C019 Grace Wilson

C020 Angie Park

C021 Katie Radford

C022 Maddi Story


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