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Anime Art Contest 2012
Black and White Art - Ages 10 and under

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate Sebastien Libbrecht
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate Deanza Smith
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate Rachel Lee
PEOPLE'S CHOICE Sebastien Libbrecht
Honorable Mention Kaia Blount, Whaley School #37 and Whaley School #3

Whaley School: First Place #37, Second Place #3

e1 Rachel J Lee THIRD PLACE


e2 Kaia M Blount



e3 Alexis Moore


e4 Whaley School 25M


e5 Whaley School 26 R


e6 Whaley School 18 J


e7 Whaley School 34 S


e8 Whaley School 13 D


e9 Whaley School 17 M


e10 Whaley School 37 J
Whaley School First Place


e11 Whaley School 7 K


e12 Whaley School 3 T
Whaley School Second Place


e13 Sebastian Libbrecht FIRST PLACE and PEOPLE'S CHOICE


e14 Xavier Libbrecht


e15 Deanza Smith SECOND PLACE




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