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Anime Art Contest 2011
Color - Ages 11-15

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate Madeline Kudyba
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate Nina Stowers
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate Autumn Federowski
PEOPLE'S CHOICE Alexandria Leon
Honorable Mention Claire Kudyba
Honorable Mention Alexandria Leon
Honorable Mention Isabelle Libbrecht


C1 Whaley A#15A




C2 Whaley #9B




C3 Whaley #14B




C4 Whaley F#8




C5 Whaley I#7B




C6 Whaley R#5




C7 Whaley S#3




C8 Whaley D#1




C9 Alexandria Leon People's Choice and Honorable Mention




C10 Taj Calvin




C11 Molly Mayer




C12 Marina Noble




C13 Kaiden Waterman




C14 Isabelle Libbrecht Honorable Mention




C15 Nina Stowers 2d Place




C16 Breanna Abyo




C17 Emily Maxwell




C18 Annika Arvidson




C19 Emily Ellis




C21 Claire Kodyba Honorable Mention




C22 Anne Kudyba




C23 Julia Ditto




C24 Melvin Valdez




C25 Madeline Kudyba 1st Place




C26 Austin Jones




C27 Autumn Federowski 3d Place




C28 Danielle Petruska




C29 Max Pinelli





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