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Anime Art Contest 2011
Black & White
- Ages 16 and older

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate Rhiannon Johnson
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate Samantha Bruffett
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate Amanda Ellis
PEOPLE'S CHOICE Rhiannon Johnson
Honorable Mention Alexander Valerio
Honorable Mention
Aurora Dordar
School Award: Whaley School picture B21 (the artist prefers to be anonymous)




B1 Bailey Deakin




B2 Warren J. Gilbert




B3 Alexander Valerio Honorable Mention




B4 Barry L. Mackey jr.



B5 Michelle Ortiz




B6 Pauline Corpus




B7 Ninja



B8 Traci Kohler



B 9 Victor Gonzalez




B10 Aurora Dordar Honorable Mention




B11 Caroline Brown




B12 Jane Lee



B13 Joshua Damon



B14 Rhiannon Johnson 1st Place and People Choice




B15 Amanda Ellis 3d Place




B16 Samantha Bruffett 2d Place




B17 Brett Uher




B18 Ng Tasha Hermann




B19 Sagan Hopkins




B20 Chelsea Williams




B21 Whaley K#18B School Awards for Whaley School 2d place




B22 Whaley D#12

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