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(The 11th Annual!)

And the winners are ..... click those blue links to see the art!







Black and White Anime Art

Age 10 and Under

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate E3 Bea Cook
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate E5 Rose Kraun
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate E1 Cody
PEOPLE'S CHOICE E6 Xavier Libbrecht

Age 11 to 15

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate A9 Bailey Denkin
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate A5 Becca Padrick
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate A10 Signe Johnson
PEOPLE'S CHOICE A14 Emily Maxwell
Honorable Mention A19 Julia Rumley

Age 16 and older

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate B13 Samantha Bruffett
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate B3 Alex Vallerio
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate B1 Barry Mackey Jr.
PEOPLE'S CHOICE B14 Victor Gonzalez
Honorable Mention B2 Caroline Brown
Honorable Mention B9 Brett Uher

Color Anime Art
Age 10 and Under

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate F5 Ia Yang
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate F4 Shilo Cederberg
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate F1 Melvin Valdez

Age 11 to 15

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate C20 Julia Rumleu
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate C10 Bailey Deacon
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate C9 Sheryl Almario
PEOPLE'S CHOICE C20 Julia Rumley
Honorable Mention C15 Ron Reynolds
Honorable Mention C17 Nina Stowers

Age 16 and older

1st place D6 Rhiannon Johnson
2nd place D11 Claire Underwood
3rd place D3 Stephanie Sisson
People's Choice D6 Rhiannon Johnson
Honorable Mention D1 Caroline Brown
Honorable Mention D8 Kristen Cheely

School Awards
Any school with over 10 students entering will be set up as an additional category for judging
- No schools hit the target this year.



  • Art must be done by hand (not computer generated).
  • Entries for ages 16 and older must be submitted on a professional quality Comic Cover Page (available for $1 at BOSCO'S), younger artists may use any 8x10 white paper.
  • Must be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • No more than one entry in a category. That means you can enter one black & white and one color work. (Pick your best!)
  • Don't sign it! We want to judge it anonymously so put your name, address, age and phone number on the back.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Judges will be looking for adherence to Manga style, creativity and technical ability.


1) Black & White Art:

  • Ages 10 and younger
  • Ages 11 to 15 and
  • Ages 16 and older

2) Color Art:

  • Ages 10 and younger
  • Ages 11 to 15 and
  • Ages 16 and older

Within those categories, you can go with any theme you want! Your art can be original characters or from existing manga and anime. Using Anime and Manga style is very important! For age groups, we'll use your age on the due date. (Hey kids! No help from the grownups! You will do great on your own!)

HOW TO DRAW MANGA books are 10% off through April 16.

DEADLINE: Entries must be submitted to any BOSCO'S by closing on Friday April 16.


First Place for each category in each age group: $50 Gift Certificate

Second Place for each category in each age group: $25 Gift Certificate

Third Place for each category in each age group: $10 Gift Certificate

People's Choice for each category and age group. (All entries will be posted at A People's Choice contest will be run from the website with one vote per e-mail address used. Entries will be posted as quickly as we can and votes will be accepted through April 24.

Winners will be announced at noon on Sunday April 25 (that is a change from the original date!) at BOSCO'S in Spenard.

School Awards: Any school with more than 10 students entering will be judged as an additional separate category with a $10 Gift Certificate to the winner and a $5 Gift Certificate to the second place winner.

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Take a look at previous years' entries and winners:



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