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Anime Art Contest 2009
Black and White Art - Ages 11-15

1ST PLACE $50 gift certificate Briana Younce
2ND PLACE $25 gift certificate Julia Rumley
3rd PLACE $10 gift certificate Karli Anders
Honorable Mention Karli Anders


BB001 Julia Rumley 2d Place



BB002 Katie Stout




BB003 Karli Anders Honorable Mention



BB004 Ivy Broiles



BB005 Sierra Davis Honorable Mention



BB006 Sam Sprakes



BB007 Ellen Rumley




BB008 Kara White




BB009 Breana Broiles




BB010 Shannon Moore



BB011 Choua Vang




BB012 Harrison D Bivins




BB013 Morgan Bush




BB014 Chloe Cook





BB015 Briana Younce First Place




BB016 Call Frazier




BB017 Moragan Bouillette




BB018 Whitney Jackson




BB019 Felix Sonekhiao




BB020 Bailey Deakin




BB021 Hannah Dorough




BB022 Jane Lee




BB023 Renee Gallagher




BB024 Jenna Gus Gerrety




BB025 Anna Belle Everhardt Third Place




BB026 Jamichael Griffin




BB027 Lilli Amos



BB028 Justin Keays



BB029 Joey Straughn (Whaley School)




BB030 Mike Smith (Whaley School)
Second Place in the School Competition




BB031 Versace Hines (Whaley School)




BB032 Daryl Salisbury (Whaley School)




BB033 Jaden Jones (Whaley School)










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