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Anime Art Contest 2008
Color Art - Ages 10 and under

AC03 Ivy Broiles First Place


AC01 Benjamin Anderson (Homeschool Copper Center)
Second Place



AC18 Kendall Cheely (Turnagain) Peoples Choice


AC02 Ivy Broiles Honorable Mention




AC04 Pete Toiolo (Muldoon Elementary)



AC05 Sawyer Smithvail (Chugach Optional)



AC06 Aidan Smithvail (Chugach Optional)



AC07 Amber Germaine (Muldoon)


AC08 Karrissa Halstead (Muldoon)



AC09 Linda Poua Her (Muldoon)



AC10 Makayla ? (Muldoon)



AC11 Logan Wolfe (Airport Heights)



AC12 Alicia Washington (Muldoon)



AC13 Michael Stephan Sikora II (Muldoon)



AC14 Kayla Evan (Muldoon)



AC15 Issa Yang (Muldoon)



AC16 Armoni Edwards (Muldoon)



AC17 Steven Lee (Muldoon)






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