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Anime Art Contest 2008
Color - Ages 16 and older



CC22 Alexander Valerio (UAA) First Place



CC08 Elicia Hodge Second Place and Peoples Choice



CC01 Hilary Reed Honorable Mention



CC02 Hilary Reed



CC03 Chelsea Williams



CC04 Rebecca Smith



CC05 Rebecca Smith


CC06 Rebecca Smith



CC07 Regina Fetrow


CC09 Elicia Hodge



CC10 Jessica Teague



CC11 Katy Haulbrook (Service)



CC12 Sarah Hutson (South)



CC13 Sarah Hutson (South)



CC14 Sarah Hutson (South)



CC15 Jean Allworden (Eagle River High) Honorable Mention



CC16 Casey Rychetnik



CC17 Amanda Arellano



CC18 Naomi Olderness



CC19 Colleen Cartwright



CC20 Chris Miller



CC21 Mariah Rhodes


CC23 Amanda Neyman (Dimond)


CC24 Courtney Conklin (Eagle River High)



CC25 Jacqueline Galloway (East)



CC26 John Coburn




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