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Anime Art Contest 2008
Color - Ages 11-15

(If a school was indicated, it is shown in parenthesis.)


BC29 Nancy Porto (West) First Place



BC38 Aurora Dordan (Eagle River High School) Second Place



BC42 Kristen Cheely (West) Peoples Choice



BC01Victor Gonzalez (South)



BC02 Samantha Chang (Homestead)



BC03 Emily Ellis (ACS)



BC04 Zoe Ellis (ACS)



BC05 Eda Reuton (Tudor)



BC06 Rachel Davis



BC07 Brooke Morgan (West)



BC08 Deanna Botherton (IDEA)



BC09 Deandra ?



BC10 Kate Chudofsky (Houston High)



BC11 Caittlyn Inman (Mears)



BC12 Joshua Anderson (Palmer High)



BC13 Becky Vaughn (Palmer Middle School)



BC14 Eve Anderson (Homeschool Copper River)



BC15 Samantha Spraker (Mears)



BC16 Shaelisa Metoyer Anderson (Begich)



BC17 Shaelisa Metoyer Anderson (Begich)



BC18 Shaelisa Metoyer Anderson (Begich)



BC19 Shaelisa Metoyer Anderson (Begich)



BC20 Victor Gonzalez



BC21 James Roger Flavian (Tudor)



BC22 James Roger Flavian (Tudor)



BC23 Chue Chang (Gruening)



BC24 Bailey Deakin (Mears)



BC25 Bailey Deakin (Mears)



BC26 Bailey Deakin (Mears)



BC27 Jasmine Santos



BC28 Ashley Park





BC30 Kekoa Forma'i (Tudor)



BC31 Rhiannon Johnson (IDEA)



BC32 Hatcher Johnston (Northwood)


BC33 Jackie Summers



BC34 Mimi Ahn (Dimond)



BC35 Mariah Barker (Hanshew)



BC36 Miranda Dordan (Gruening)



BC37 Aurora Dordan (Eagle River High School) Honorable Mention





BC39 Izak Willeford (Gruening)




BC40 Aurora Dordan (Eagle River High) Honorable Mention



BC41 Zachary Singley (Ravenwood)

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