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Anime Art Contest 2006
Color - Ages 11-15


BC06 Tiana Garner First Place


BC12 Shelby Kulish
ABC Northern Lights Second Place and People's Choice !


BC07 Nancy Porto Special Recognition

BC01 Mary Kathryn Redcik


BC02 Matthew Ha
Goldenview Middle School


BC03 Zoe Lorene Ellis


BC04 Heather Church


BC05 Kristen Cheely
Romig Middle School





BC08 Rosemary Cartwright


BC09 Rosemary Cartwright


BC10 Christina Eck


BC11 Brooke Henning-Dobson




BC13 Amber Dussault
Central Middle School


BC14 Edmari Hernandez
Central Middle School


BC15 Kristen Cheely
Romig Middle School


BC16 Rachel Martins-Smith
Bartlett High School


BC17 Claire Schapira


BC18 Jean Allworden
Eagle River High School


BC19 Samantha Slayton


BC20 Samantha Slayton


BC21 Alex Koch


BC22 Lucy Franklin


BC23 Mariah Rhodes


CC09 Nicole Robinson



CC15 Taylor Burch

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