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Anime Art Contest 2004
Black and White Art - Ages 16 and older


BWA01 Amanda Gagnon











BWA02 Courtney Smith
Hells Moon










BWA03 Courtney Smith









BWA04Desiree Britt










BWA05 Tanya Stowell
Queen of Ski










BWA06 Joshua Nichols







People's Choice

BWA07 Rauchelle Smith









BWA08 Rauchelle Smith










BWA09 Olivia Slayton








Second Place

BWA10 Dick Dagger









BWA11 Aura Mael










BWA12 Carmen DeJesus










BWA13 Alexander Valerio











BWA14 Caitlin Garing











BWA15 Alexander Valerio










BWA16 Brett Uher










BWA17 Ian Clark

Holding the sign that says "BOSCO'S" is a fortunate creature the artist describes as "BOSCOMOG - The random entity that encompasses all that is out there, BOSCOSMOG continues his search for adventure, excitement, free food and lots of female cheesecake. Rock on BOSCOMOG ..."

Not to sway your vote or anything.






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