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Anime Art Contest 2001
Black and White Art - Ages 15 and under

Look through these entries and let us know which one you think should walk away with top honors in the Peoples' Choice contest. You can pick one entry per category.

Entry: BWY01

Artist: Natalie Baggs

First Place !








Entry: BWY02

Artist: Lee Breinig









Entry: BWY03

Artist: Molly Maloney









Entry: BWY04

Artist: Christine Johnson









Entry: BWY05

Artist: Jessica Arnett

Second Place !








Entry: BWY06

Artist: Jamnah Morton









Entry: BWY07

Artist: Tasa Nikolic









Entry: BWY08

Artist: Britni Shampoang









Entry: BWY09

Artist: Rachel Baggs









Entry: BWY10

Artist: Wendy Langley









Entry: BWY11

Artist: Marko Nikolic








Entry: BWY12

Artist: Daniel Freeman









Entry: BWY13

Artist: Sylvia Armistead

People's Choice Award!








Entry: BWY14

Artist: Disa Foshave









Entry: BWY15

Artist: Keeper Nott









Entry: BWY16

Artist: Jillian Derna









Entry: BWY17

Artist: Keeper Nott









Entry: BWY18

Artist: Rocky Dean









Entry: BWY19

Artist: Amber Whitney











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